March 7, 2017

“Donald Trump is a 70-year-old f**kboy”: How our masculinity crisis helped Trump rise to political power | Salon

This article orignally appeared on | By Scott Timberg It’s no secret these days that men are in crisis. Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men” got at the problem quite eloquently. A new book, Jack Myers’ “The Future of Men: Masculinity in the 21st Century,” uses analysis and interviews (many of them with women) to try to plot a path forward. Documentarian Morgan Spurlock calls it “an incredibly important and timely book. A game shifting story.” Jack Myers is the founder of and the author of “Hooked Up: A New Generation’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics, and Saving […]
March 7, 2017

“The Future of Men” explores evolving gender roles | CBS

With the role of men in society evolving, and a power shift toward women at work and home, the “traditional” male is dying out, according to author Jack Myers. Myers argues men will “be increasingly defined, dominated, and controlled by women” in his new book, “The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century.” “These young men are not their fathers, they’re not their grandfathers. Young men who are growing up more and more in fatherless homes, growing up in homes where the woman is out-earning her husband, where they’re both working — they’re not just defying traditional gender norms,” […]
March 7, 2017

Why Support The Future of Men Movement

Why Support The Future of Men Movement The future roles of men and women in society, culture, and business will take decades to evolve, but the future has already been ordained. Look around: in the middle and junior ranks of most organizations, in politics, in families, and in the media women are a dominating force, and men are slowly adapting to the upheaval that is radically transforming society, culture, business, politics, and religion. Some of my conclusions about the future of male/female relationships will be met by many with derision, debate, and dismissal. Many men and women are suffering from […]
March 7, 2017

Why I Believe in The Future of Men Movement

Why I Believe in The Future of Men Movement The male gender as a whole is inflicted with an inbred sense of power and dominance over women that has existed since the caveman; there is compelling evidence, however, that the shift towards female power is far more pervasive than we realize, and that male dominance is quickly fading. It’s becoming very apparent that the future of men will be increasingly defined, dominated, and controlled by women. The short and long-term impact on society, culture and business of this transformation is positive. The impact on men, and especially young men who […]
March 7, 2017

The Medium is the Man: How TV Impacts Men’s Self Image

The Medium Is The Man: How TV Impacts Men’s Self Image Map out a broad timeline of the American sitcom dad and you go from Ozzie Nelson to Peter Griffin of Family Guy. At a glance, that looks like a fall from grace. Comparing the image of a real man through pop culture is the surest way to track where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we are going. Once the proud patriarch, the King of the castle, the tent pole that sustained the entire family unit, the modern TV dad is more frequently a punching bag. Just […]
March 7, 2017

The Idiot Man in Advertising

The Idiot Man in Advertising For examples of the “men as idiots” commercial genre, simply turn to your TV and watch the vast majority of commercials for household products, over-the-counter analgesics and health aids, automobiles, financial services, and a host of other product categories. Men are often characterized as less-than-capable idiots who can’t possibly measure up to a female’s ability to do even the simplest task. The list of dumb men in advertising is lengthy and includes companies that market everything from throat drops to credit cards. Some groups are speaking out against the collective advertising world’s treatment of men. […]
March 6, 2017

Men are Now the Undereducated Gender

Men are Now the Undereducated Gender The one area where women can claim unparalleled gains is education. Women have composed the majority of college students since the 1970s. Decades of outnumbering men in the classroom made women smarter and more adaptable than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, not all women see this as a win for feminism, instead doubting that this trend will make men take them seriously in the workplace. Some women also worry that years from now, ill-educated boys will become stupid men who make the same mistakes as previous generations. In 2012, the National Center for Education Statistics […]
February 16, 2017

Top Moments from Jack Myers’ TEDWomen Talk

Jack Myers Speaks Out for The Future of Men at #TEDWomen
February 15, 2017

Stories from a Woman’s Heart: Nicky’s Story

Nicky’s Story, as Told by His Mom: What are We Teaching Our Sons? Excerpted from The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century, by Jack Myers For more information link here. We were standing in line for the antique car ride at Storybook World when it happened. Let me set the scene for you: my son and daughter had just declared a truce in their squabble over who was going to get to “drive” and had joined forces in trying to guess whether we’d get a red, blue, or yellow car based on the order of the cars on the […]