• Keith Reinhard
    "Jack Myers envisions a better day when masculine strength is defined by empathy and sensitivity instead of the macho, often sexist, attitudes and behaviors of the past"
    Keith Reinhard
    Chairman emeritus of DDB Worldwide Communications Group
  • Charlene Collier
    "Jack Myers has proven over and over again that he has an an eye for the trends that drive our culture and our industry. Now Jack, a Mad Men admirer from the start, tackles head-on the future of (all) men."
    Charlene Collier
    President of AMC and SundanceTV
  • Ken Burns
    "Once again, Jack Myers has his finger on the pulse of the very latest. Myers has clearly done his homework, and the result is this superb book."
    Ken Burns
    Documentary filmmaker of The Roosevelts and The Civil War
  • Dr. Jane Greer
    "In his groundbreaking book, Jack Myers challenges the exisiting role models on whom men base their male identity, opening the door to a new conversation about masculinity. It is a must-read."
    Dr. Jane Greer
    Author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship
  • Mitch Joel
    "Jack Myers is a media visionary and—once again—he’s asking a big, hairy and contentious question: What is the future of men? While for many this is still a man’s world, Myers shines a light of skepticism on this notion and points us to a much different future. How will gender equality—or a shift in balance—change the landscape? The Future of Men’s answers will surprise and delight you."
    Mitch Joel
    Author of Six Pixels of Separation
  • Contessa Brewer
    "Girls rule! Girls rock! You go, girl!’ Great, if you’re a girl, but where does that leave the boys? Jack Myers’ book The Future of Men should be required reading for every parent rearing sons."
    Contessa Brewer
    Former anchor and correspondent for NBC and MSNBC